Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photography News: Become a more Knowledgeable Photographer

Photography can take you in many directions. Perhaps you are just a beginner, or have reached a more advanced plateau. But no matter where you are at, there is always a higher rung to reach. One quality I have found incredibly useful is to have self-confidence in your ability to reach for the next rung in the ladder. To reach higher it is important to follow the lead of others who are climbing ahead of you.

An excellent read is: "The Pitch:Book Proposals that Hit their Mark" In this six-page article you will follow three proposals that found their way to print in the very difficult market of photography books. Interestingly, all three proposals had elements in common, and could help give you an edge in getting your book published. You will see the process from both the photographer's point of view and that of the publishers.

Recommended: A video interview with Photographer Munem Wasif, a current and popular photographer from Bangladesh. He is attending the Visa pour l'Image festival and is noted for his black and white photographs and documenting global warming.

Photocritic always presents interesting content for photographers. Now, here is how to make an extreme Macro lens for your DSLR out of a Pringles tube. And you can enjoy a snack while you do it. Some of his example photos are awesome.

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