Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photographing for Dollars: Wedding Photography Hints

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So you have that expensive camera and have posted on Flickr, getting glowing comments. Perhaps some mail has come and you have some sales. You want that more expensive lens, and you want to justify the purchase. This article is for you.

Turning pictures into dollars happens fast when you do niche photography, and do a good job of it. One area of niche photography is capturing that memorable moment when the ring is placed on the finger.

Wedding Photography:

Photographers specialize, and perhaps the best known is the classic wedding photographer. They can get between 400 dollars to 2,000 dollars per wedding. Wedding photography is hard work, and you only have one time to get it right. And you better get it more than right to please your customer. If you choose this path, my hat is off to you. But you better be prepared and below is some suggested reading:

A suggestion to an aspiring wedding photographer is to add some features to their total package. Some would be wedding announcement cards, specialized postage stamps, and envelope sticker seals. All of these products can be made on Zazzle, and they do a great job, and the turnaround is fast. Below is an example of what one person did with Zazzle, and from their sales you can see it was quite effective. My experience with them is quite positive.
One thing that is essential for today's wedding photographer is the wedding book. I publish books on Blurb and am quite pleased with the quality. The book creator they use is easy to use, and interfaces nicely with Flickr, as well as other sites.

Wedding photographers have to offer a total package. Develop a list of all that you will be offering your potential clients. Be creative, and offer things the client would not normally suspect. (Like the Zazzle stamps and cards above.) And also see: 21 tips for wedding photographers.

Brad, a very successful local photographer that I have gone on photo shoots with, specializes in weddings. Take a look at his site, and get a feel what is involved in being a successful wedding photographer.

Look for a future article on sports photography, which is a niche that I am developing for myself.

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