Friday, August 15, 2008

Camera Repair: When it is in Pieces on the Ground

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Precision Camera Repair

Then it happens - you drop your DSLR and it is in pieces on the ground. Heartbroken, you pick up all the small parts. Is there hope?

Yes, there is. If you enter camera repair in the Google search, you will find Precision Camera comes up at the top of the list.

Last week I had the misfortune of my camera backpack opening while on my back. I heard a thump and looked down to see my D80 broken and in pieces. I carefully recovered the parts and did an online estimate for repairs.

Precision Camera quickly came up with an online estimate of 248 dollars, which included return shipping. I paid the estimate and sent the camera off along with a bag of the parts that had been spread on the ground.

I sent the camera on a Wednesday and checked the online progress. Precision received the camera Friday. It went into repairs on Monday and was headed back to me on Tuesday. By Friday, I had the camera back in my hands, in time for an important photo shoot on Saturday.

So how did Precision do, besides the very quick turnaround? Excellent. The camera was returned to factory specs, everything was recalibrated, they did a superior cleaning job both inside and out (including the sensor) and the camera software was updated.

The camera looked as good as it did when I first purchased it. Function-wise, everything was put back in exceptional order. They did a great job.

Precision Camera Repair is an authorized factory repair site for all leading brands of cameras. By the way, they even repair lenses. I truly expected a second higher estimate after they saw what bad shape my camera was in, but I never got that email and they performed the repair at the original online estimated price.

This was my second experience with Precision Camera, I had a Sony H5 that was still under warranty which they repaired, quickly and exceptionally well. Thus I had a great deal of confidence that they would repair my Nikon with the same high professional standard. I highly recommend if you break a camera or have a broken camera to give them a try.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's great news of the speed and relatively low cost. I wonder if they'd laugh at me if I asked them how much it would cost to get a bug out of my lens...(I have no idea how it got in there as I only had one lens at the time and was taking things on and off). I should bookmark this post because I am a certified klutz *sigh*

Robert Miller said...

Hi Ariel,
I did some checking to get that pesky fly out of an 18-55 lens it would cost 84 dollars, not a bad price, if the bug is interfering with your shots. This was the first time I dropped my camera. Usually I am so careful that I sacrifice my body to save the camera in a fall. Once I fell well crossing a stream, all thoughts were on saving the camera.

Then there was the time I was a victim of a strong armed robbery and we fought, he got my wallet and my cash and I was beat up pretty good. He did not get my camera although that was what he was after.

Thanks again for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens I didn't mean for you to look into it -- thank you. It's actually not showing up at all and I haven't seen him lately. Perhaps now that I do change lenses I've lost him along the way.

I'm a stubborn _____ (fill in the blank with any word you'd like) but if they are that desperate for my camera they can have it. I may not be able to replace it (or replace it easily but it's a bit better than the alternative). Now I might fight 'em for my pink dress but that's another story :)