Monday, August 4, 2008

Shooting Wide: The Sigma 10-20mm Lens

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When it comes to shooting wide, there is only one solution in my mind: The Sigma 10-20mm lens.

The picture at left, (taken by me in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia) shows the beautiful result of using this lens set at its widest setting, 10mm. As you can see there is minimal distortion for shooting at such a wide angle. This picture was taken holding the camera about 90 degrees to the scene.

If you follow the lines in the picture, you can see for yourself the quality of the shot you can get with this lens.

I read plenty of reviews, both good and bad, from prominent lens reviewers before purchasing this lens and and I wondered why there was such a divergence in opinion. Then I looked at the pictures of users of this lens and that made up my mind. This lens was for me.

The article continues below:

The lens is like one thick barrel - it is substantial and has a tight feel when you zoom in and out. I am well pleased with landscape shots I make with this lens.

In the picture of Lynchburg, there is minimal distortion. If you hold the camera and tilt up or down while looking through the view finder you will find that you can add a little distortion with an artistic bent. I do this often to emphasize the clouds or the landscape. The picture of the James River illustrates this technique. I consider this a plus for this wonderful lens.

If you want to shoot wide and are wondering which lens is for you, I think you will agree that this is one fantastic lens.

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