Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photography News: Will the DSLR become Extinct?

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New Technology could lead to Cameras based on the Human Eye

This article is about current research of building a camera sensor like a human eye. Since the beginning of photography, images have been projected on a flat surface. This could soon change and usher in a new breed of cameras that may force extinction of the cameras we use today.

Lenovo Unveils Ramped Up ThinkPad W700 Laptop Aimed at Photographers

IBM is rolling out a new laptop targeted for the photographer. One interesting feature of this laptop is built-in Wacom tablet. Another interesting feature - super-bright 1920 x 1200-pixel, 400-nit WUXGA display with up to twice the brightness of earlier ThinkPad laptops.

When It all Goes Wrong

A new, hopeful magazine is closing up shop. Built on the model of JPG Magazine, EveryWhere Magazine has failed to establish a customer base. Read this article to see what happened to this offshoot of JPG magazine. Sometimes when one door closes, another opens.

Did you Know?: JPG Magazine pays 100 dollars for pictures that are published in their magazine and also pays for photo stories. You may want to get an account and try your luck. I have been published there and so can you.

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