Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Zazzle for a Photo Gallery?

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Before, I told you about Photofront. Photofront is a free gallery that can be upgraded for ten dollars to add some additional features for life.

Well, there is another gallery site that is also free and if used right can generate income.

I first used Zazzle to make some personal purchases: stamps, bumper stickers, magnets, hats and a tee shirt. I was very happy with all of the products, except for the tee shirt.

This was the first tee shirt I made, and the problem was really mine. I should have understood the limitations of the silk screen printing. Plain pictures do not translate well on shirts - you have to make some design considerations that I will get into with another post.

Now, back to the Gallery(The picture above is in my gallery):

The advantages of having a Zazzle Fine photography gallery are:

Its free.

It can beautifully display your fine art photography.

You can design your own gallery, or use their themes.

There is a shopping cart attached, and people can add frames, mats, and choose different types of framing. And the quality of the different printing medias is excellent.
And best of all, you set the price of your commission.

Now, you can set your commission from 10 percent and up. On most of my products other than prints, I use the 10 percent markup (and consider this as personal promotion).

I honestly think, though, for your prints you should get a decent return. I set my commission for fine art prints from 70 percent to 90 percent. I recommend that you do the same.

If you value your art as much as I do, make the statement that your art is worth the price. Not only will you be more satisfied when you get a better commission, your customer will value your art more.


Me said...

Hm. Thanks for the recommendation - I have a friend who uses it for paintings but I wasn't sure about it for photography.

Robert Miller said...

I am pretty happy with Zazzle, most of their products are great and they have a super fast turn around.

With extra options for the customer as paper, frames, matting and glazing , I think they do a great job.

The only suggestion I would have is be sure that you use plenty of links so people can find your gallery.

Thanks again,