Monday, August 18, 2008

Photography News: New Products on the Horizon

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Lenovo Unleashes Highest Performance Mobile Workstation with ThinkPad W700

Look for this laptop to come out in September. This laptop will feature a built in Wacom and a 17-inch WUXGA screen. Another excellent addition will be built in - screen calibration by X-Rite.

With slots for 8 gigs of ram, this computer will certainly be a powerhouse.

Along with a hefty price (expect to pay 3000 plus), this laptop will weigh more than a five-pound sack of potatoes.

Expect two new cameras to come out soon: The Nikon D90 and the
Canon EOS-9D UPC's codes are out at retailers now, as discovered by Endgaget.

Features of the new Nikon D90 are humorously reported at this site.

Did you know? There is a ban on photographers taking pictures of military returning dead. This ban was enacted in 1991. A Bill in the House of Representatives is now challenging this.

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